Ручки с подогревом SAITO II, 22 мм.

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  • Производитель: MOTO2MOTO
  • Модель: 10032046
  • Наличие: Есть в наличии
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*SAITO* II HEATED GRIPS SAITO II Heated Grip Set: Suitable for bikes with a 12 V electric system (battery capacity of at least 6 Ah) and a metric (22 mm diam.) handlebar. Grip length: 130 mm Switch dimensions (WxHxD): 4,5 x 3,5 x 4,5 Outside diameter: approx. 35 mm Grip circumference: approx. 115 mm Heating capacities: Switch setting Start: approx. 40 W, Switch setting High: approx. 20 W, Switch setting Low: approx 10 W. Includes detailed operating instructions and circuit diagram. Note: If you wish to connect the heated grips to the electrical system (rather than direct to the battery) we recommend that you use our relay (Order no. 10032035). Additional product information: Solid handlebar adapter for mounting the switch securely on a metric (22 mm diam.) handlebar. Extremely "grippy" surface material for increased comfort. These grips can be warmed to a pleasant temperature at any time. The grip ends can be opened up to allow bar-end turn signals or vibration killers to be fitted. Easy to attach using the ten cable ties supplied and following the detailed operating instructions. High-tech compact switch with three heat settings (Start, Low & High) and an indicator light. Also suitable for installation in a motorcycle cockpit using the adhesive pad. Splashproof. User-friendly cabling with pre-installed plugs and cable terminals for battery connection. There is also a small flag attached to each cable end, which makes connection considerably simpler. The built-in fuse provides additional protection. All the cables are a good length.

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